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Cell&Soft offers products of excellent quality"

"Cell&Soft offers products of excellent quality [... which] make it possible to carry out exploratory studies in cellular mechanics. The responsiveness and availability of the team are incredible to advise us on the choice of their products and help us in the implementation of our experiences. [Their] motivation allows us to consider innovative experimental developments requiring adaptations of their products to our needs."



"The solutions proposed by Cell&Soft are very relevant to our research. The proposed culture supports respect both the rigidity and anisotropy of cardiac tissue so they allow us to develop physiological, relevant and robust cellular models to study human cardiac pathologies."


PR AGBULUT, Sorbonne Université​

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The solutions proposed by Cell&Soft are very relevant" 

Skin Mecachips® improves the precision of the measure"

"Skin Mecachips® allows a cell special organization closer to the physiology (keratinocytes structuring in agglomerates) - In our 2 models of amperometric analysis (NO, H2O2), the use of Skin Mecachips® improves the precision of the measure (by reducing intragroup variability and decreasing background)."

DR ABOT, CSO of Enterosys


"Never before it had been possible to achieve such a level of quality without making tedious mass productions... it brings us maneuverability in our cultures."


PR LA SCOLA, Head of the Infectious Diseases Crisis UF & of the P3/NSB3 lab at the IHU Méditerranée Infection/IRD


Never before it had been possible to achieve such a level of quality"

We've been using Cell&Soft plates for 3 years and we're very happy with the quality"

"We have been using Cell&Soft products for 3 years now and we are very happy with their quality and diversity. They perfectly meet our needs for studying the regulation of cells by the mechanical properties of their environment. We particularly appreciate the availability of the team to answer our technical questions and to advise us on the products best suited to our experiences."



"Our group is interested in the mechanisms of adaptation of lung cells to metabolic changes in their microenvironment. The latter is complex and multifactorial. Therefore, the study of its impact on cells requires its in-vitro modeling in order to better characterize the underlying mechanisms and their pharmacological targeting. However, the impact of classic plastic supports, which are extremely rigid, strongly modify the basal metabolic activities of the cells, leading to experimental biases and therefore an erroneous reflection of the physiopathology. Our collaboration with Cell&Soft allows us to revisit these mechanisms by limiting the drift related to plastic as much as possible and, in fact, to develop much more relevant models. More generally, we firmly believe that taking tissue mechanics into account in in-vitro approaches will make it possible to better represent the environment of the cell and therefore lead to the identification of new molecules of interest for patients."


DR CHAVEROUX, Research fellow CNRS , Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL)


Cell&Soft allows us to revisit the cells underlying mechanisms"

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