Brain Mecachips.png

Brain MecaChips®

Mice neuronal cells growth on soft Laminin/ Poly-L-Lysine coated matrix

Heart Mecachips.png

Heart MecaChips®

iPSC-derived contractile cardio-myocyte on soft fibronectin coated matrix.

Lung Mecachips.png

Lung MecaChips®

Human bronchial epithelial cells on soft collagen I coated matrix.

Lung MecaChips®

Cells: A549 (adenocarcinomic human alveolar basal epithelial cells) | Plate: Lung Mecachips® - Collagen | Labelling: Label free | Microscopy: Holomonitor™ M4 (PHI AB (Sweden)

Distributor: System-C (France)

Equipment: motorized stage, low power red laser, x20 magnification objective

Time-Lapse imaging: App Suite – 1 image every 5 minutes – 24 h

Curtesy of System-C Bioprocess, France and PHI AB (Phase Holography Imaging), Sweden